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DHaRCO Frame Wrap

DHaRCO Frame Wrap
  • Color: Tropical DH
  • Color: Tropical DH
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Give your bike the fashion hit it deserves

Pimp your bike to match your jersey and pants, and stand out from the crowd. The high quality Frame Wrap is super easy to use, can be applied and then reapplied if not quite in the right spot, so it means you can customise your bike in style.

The frame wraps include 3 printed panels:

Top Tube panels - 63cm x 9cm
Down Tube panel - 63cm x 9cm
Chain stays, pre-cut into 4 pieces 33cm x 4cm

You can combine the panels together to wrap a whole section, and cut to fit your specific frame.

  • High quality vinyl with gloss laminate
  • Protects from minor scratches 
  • Air release channels for fast, bubble-free application
  • Pressure activated adhesive for easy sliding and tacking
  • Outdoor durability
  • Removable up to 5 years
  • Large panels for Top Tube, Down Tube and Chain Stays
  • A lot more wrap than offered on traditional "frame protectors" so it can be highly customisable and cut to size
  • Match your jersey to your frame!

The aim of the DHaRCO wrap is flexibility to make your own creation, to set your bike apart & match yourfavourite party jersey.


We’ve included a Top and Down Tube but don’t let this limit your imagination. These could be combined together to wrap a whole section. The pattern is designed to align in order to combine panels. 

We haven’t made assumptions around the shape you want for the wrap on your bike. Instead we’re trusting you as capable adults and providing a ruler (cut this out), so you can measure and mould the wrap to fit your bikes curves.

Measure and draw on the back the shape you’re going for. Remember measure twice, cut once. A tip for making the perfect template is to apply multiple layers of masking tape, shape it on your frame - then use to trace onto the wrap paper. Rounded edges as much as possible are recommended to finish off your cuts.

Clean your frame thoroughly to remove any dirt. Ensure to dry well. Take your time to place the wrap, aligning first your middle point. It is not like a traditional style sticker and can be moved around, before its final resting place.

Once in place apply pressure to stick the wrap to the frame. Start at the middle and push outward slowly, using a clean dry cloth, flattening as you go. The air release weave is designed to assist you to push bubbles out - so take your time and you’ll get a cracker of a result. You can peel and re-apply pressureuntil it is smooth and even.

Do not wet the wrap. It should be applied with no water on a dry clean surface.

Post heat the material, if it has been stretched significantly. This will reset the vinyls memory (use a hairdryer if you don’t have a heat gun). Re-press when cool to ensure maximum adhesion.

This paper may be long gone by then, but when the time comes to remove the wrap, heat it before removing slowly.

Most of all have fun and get creative. The devil’s in the details, make it count.