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Deviate Highlander II Frame w/Öhlins TTX2Air

Deviate Highlander II Frame w/Öhlins TTX2Air
  • Color: Islay Sand
  • Color: Atlantic Blue
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This is the Highlander II - Deviate’s all-carbon, all-conquering trail bike, freshly reconfigured for 2023. A bike for bike park laps, all day rides, messing about in the woods and everything in between. A bike for reaching the highest, most remote peaks, before screaming down the other side in a stream of speed and laughter.

If the Claymore is a huge broadsword, then the Highlander II is a rapier – lighter, perhaps; more agile – but just as deadly in the right hands. It punches far, far above its weight. Carefully considered geometry suits the most discerning of riders, and 145mm of high-pivot travel will get you out of anything you get yourself into, with astounding performance that matches bikes with far more suspension travel.

We’ve taken what we think is the best high-pivot trail bike on the market, and made it even better. A 65-degree head angle with a 160mm fork is steep enough to be nimble in the sketchiest of woody descents, but slack enough for stability when you break out of the trees into a steep, warp-factor-nine trail. The reach is perfect for comfort when climbing, and roomy enough for flat out descending with ultimate control. Standover is enormous, and the continuous seat tube accommodates the longest dropper posts on the market. The Highlander II is also available in 4 sizes, from Small to X-Large, to suit a wide range of riders.

The Highlander II is paired with a specially tuned Öhlins TTX2Air shock for class-leading, bump-eating performance and pedalling efficiency.

Every rear suspension system has a pivot point. The suspension design on the Highlander uses a high, single pivot point, which results in a rearward axle path. This allows the rear wheel to move proportionally rearward with any impact, while the bike continues to maintain forward momentum. It is a sensation that you will notice from your first ride - the Highlander II can negotiate chunky terrain with a speed and confidence that many bikes packing much more rear wheel travel simply can’t match. Careful idler placement means that the suspension performance on the Highlander II is the best of all possible worlds. The idler location controls anti-squat with a +100% anti-squat curve to eliminate pedal induced suspension bob

The unique kinematics of a high pivot point design – a rearward axle path and high anti-rise – means that, under heavy braking, chassis stability and the geometry are maintained. Essentially, aggressive riding is rewarded. The sensation of “the bike not holding you back” is very real on the Highlander II. Riders find themselves hitting lines that they have previously reserved for their downhill bike (or their imagination).

Our linkage is designed to offer a progressive leverage curve with support for harder and more aggressive riders. High volume air shocks and coil shocks are compatible. The idler means that the leverage ratio of the Highlander II is tuned independently of anti-squat and pedal kickback (of which there is a negligible amount).

Unlike conventional, non-idler equipped suspension designs, we can virtually eliminate pedal kickback while creating a balanced anti-squat curve which is controlled by the idler position. In the real world this means the bike pedals incredibly well, without bobbing, while the suspension remains fully active: the Highlander II has an uncanny ability to pedal smoothly through rough terrain.

When it comes to cable management, internal cable routing is great for a sleek looking bike, yet, it does make the cables harder to access when changing parts or carrying out maintenance. Our solution to this is a cable ‘gutter’ that runs down the underside of the top-tube, designed to keep your cables tucked away and out of sight, whilst maintaining accessibility to the cables.

  • 18T chain idler

  • Fully sealed bearings

  • Grease injection ports on all pivot and idler bearings

  • Downtube protector

  • Accessory mounting

  • Threaded BB

  • Cable gutter system


Highlander II - Any trail. Any time.